Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are the solution dentists use for people who have such problems as missing, badly decayed or broken teeth. Typically available for patients of all ages, at Marsden Park Dental Centre in Logan, we use crowns and bridges to help restore your dental health and improve your smile.

What Are Crowns and Bridges?

Crowns and bridges are tooth prosthetics. A crown is used for a single tooth. In most cases, the tooth is broken or cannot be filled for some reason, but the root of the tooth is still intact. Made from metal, porcelain or a resin composite – a plastic that can be molded to shape – the crown is bonded to the intact portion of the tooth and root. A dental bridge is an appliance that fits over the top of the gums and is attached to the teeth on either side of the bad tooth or teeth. It can be fixed or removable. The base of the bridge is made of metal or plastic and the replacement teeth are attached to the bridge.

Why Do I Need a Crown or Bridge?

Broken teeth will eventually begin to decay, which increases the risk of gum disease and infections. Once the tooth develops a crack, it usually continues to deteriorate from the pressure of chewing. It may develop sharp edges that cut your tongue or gums. Whilst the tooth can be pulled, it leaves a gap that can trap food particles. The rest of your teeth will shift into the gap, which causes bite and alignment problems, and may result in jaw pain or headaches. A crown or bridge can resolve all of these issues.

What’s the Procedure for a Dental Crown?

Having a single crown placed is much like having a tooth filled. After the administration of local anesthetic, the dentist will make a mold of your teeth. Next, the dentist will drill out the decayed area. A temporary crown is fitted to cover the exposed surface whilst the permanent crown is manufactured in a dental lab. Once the permanent crown is ready, the dentist will fit and shape the crown. At the second appointment, the crown is attached with cement, covering the entire top of the tooth. Crowns made from porcelain and resin can be color-matched to your teeth.

What’s the Procedure for a Dental Bridge?

As with a crown, the installation of a dental bridge requires two appointments. The first appointment is to make molds from your teeth. The dental lab then builds the bridges on a metal and/or plastic base. A fixed bridge will be cemented in place, whilst a removable bridge has special hooks to attach it to adjoining teeth. The purpose of the second appointment is to fit, adjust and install the bridge. The base is usually colored to match your gums, whilst the prosthetic tooth or teeth can be made to match your natural teeth.

Aftercare for Crowns and Bridges

Proper care helps ensure that bridges and crowns will last for many years. Some habits, such as chewing ice or eating hard candies, may break a crown or bridge. Bridges and crowns should be brushed as you would your regular teeth. A removable bridge should be taken out for cleaning. Follow your dentist’s instructions, which will be specific for your particular crown or bridge.

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