Family Dental Clinic in Marsden Park

Finding the right dentist for your family can be tricky. The cost may be pricey, the location may not be convenient, plus you want to go to a place where you trust they will not try to drill your teeth every time you sit down for a cleaning. No one wants to feel a business has taken advantage of a situation, especially related to something as important as their smile.

How you smile says a lot about your personality and mood. Do you show teeth? Is it only a half-smile? For business and personal relationships, it’s important to know what energy you present when you are interacting with others. Similarly, if your teeth or gums hurt, it will be hard to smile, eat, drink and be merry at social mixers or business luncheons.

Affordable Family Dentist

We know the monumental challenge you face when convincing young children to brush their teeth daily, let alone impart the importance of routinely visiting the dentist in Marden Park. As a family dentist, we work hard to give your children the most enjoyable experience possible, with the hopes they will choose to learn and practice good oral hygiene throughout their lives.

Healthy teeth and gums are important for overall health and happiness throughout your life, and the best habits are started at a young age. At the same time, children can be expensive, which is why we accept bulk billed services for eligible children through the Medicare program. Visiting the Marsden Park dental clinic should not break any family budget ensuring your children are exposed to regular teeth cleaning early, and to discover any potential issues early, such as fractures, cavities or crooked teeth.

Emergency Dental Services

It can be a challenge to find help if you suddenly have an urgent need for a dentist. Typically, these unexpected incidents occur on the weekends or out of traditional operating hours. Additionally, these services typically have a higher cost than basic cleanings and fillings.

Emergency dental work at Marsden Park Dental Centre is affordable and available when needed. Do not let the cost force you to live with pain one more day. Walk-ins are welcome because it is important that everyone can receive the dental care they need, especially in emergency situations. We offer our full range of services including fillings, extractions, root canal therapy, crowns, bridges, mouthguards, dentures, whitening, and veneers even on Saturday.

Our Dental Centre have been the family dentist in Marsden Park for over 25 years. If it’s your first appointment with us or your 50th, you are treated like a member of our family. If it’s been a while since your last appointment or you just need to schedule a cleaning for you or a family member call us on (07) 3299 7725, and a friendly associate will be happy to assist you. We also have an online contact form, and we’ll call you back. We look forward to learning how we can help with your dental needs.