Occlusal Splints Logan​

An occlusal splint is a popular piece of medical equipment people use if they grind their teeth during the night, suffer from TMJ syndrome, or have undergone reconstruction surgery. Finding occlusal splints in Marsden is simply if you work with a reputable dental professional. 

What is an Occlusal Splint?

In simple terms, an occlusal split is a specially-designed mouth guard. People who have a history of pain associated with chewing or other jaw functions, or who suffer from TMJ, can use this mouth guard to help relax the muscles in their jaw and realign their teeth.

The most common type of occlusal splint is a permissive splint. Your dentist can fit this permissive splint to the teeth in either your lower or upper jaw to achieve a smooth and relatively flat bite surface. Your teeth will come into contact with the permissive splint when you close your jaw, and will slide freely against the flat bite surface, eliminating any interference that could result in muscle inflammation.

A dental professional will make your occlusal splint using a detailed study module as well as careful measurements of your jaw. An instrument called an articulator is used to help create an accurate occlusal split that is custom-fit for the patient. The dentist will use an acrylic resin to create the splint, ready for use. 

Getting Fitted for Occlusal Splints in Marsden

Your dentist will decide whether or not you’re the right candidate for an occlusal splints. If they decide you are, they will measure you for an initial fitting. The occlusal splint may not feel snug for the first few days, and your dentist will monitor this and adjust the splint as necessary.

Some dental professionals recommend adjustments in as little as 24 hours before following up with appointments after 3 days, 7 days, two weeks, three weeks, or a month. Once the dentist is happy with the splint positioning and start to improve, they will move you to less frequent appointments. They will also ask you to call the clinic if your symptoms get worse. 

The goal is to make sure  that the split is continually monitored and adjusted to ensure it is in equal contact with all of your teeth. As your muscles start to relax and the inflammation reduces, your teeth’s position on the splint will change. This is where the adjustments may be necessary. 

Benefits of Occlusal Splints in Logan 

Not only does the occlusal splint protect your teeth from further damage as a result of harmful habits, but it supports the muscles you use for chewing as well as the joints in your jaw. Recent developments in occlusal splint technology include splints that reposition the lower jaw for better airflow while sleeping, assisting with treatment of conditions like sleep apnea.

Occlusal splints help to reduce muscle inflammation that can occur when your jaw has to work hard to align or function normally. The small buffer aligns your jaws, and it can slowly help to retrain your muscles.

It can also strengthen your jaw muscles by slowly healing any inflammation while allowing the muscles to relax into a natural state. It guides your muscles through common movements like chewing.

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